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Keller Property Inspections

305 Choate Ave, Buffalo, NY 14220, US

(716) 427-3135


7 days a week 8am-9pm


 With every inspection I provide a detailed report  with an easy to understand summary page, also you will receive a very  handy home maintenance book. Also provided is a free homebinder account  which helps keep all your maintenance records in one place.

Also,  I offer a free home checkup after one year where I will go over your  house once more, answer any questions you may have now that you are more  familiar with your home, and inspect any repairs that were made since  you moved in.

This doesn't have to be the limit of our  communication though, feel free to contact me 5 minutes, 5 days, 5  months, 5 years after your inspection. I'll be here to answer any  questions you have.